Behind the brand are two fashion and industrial designers, Mateja Dujić and Neira Sinanbašić. Their friendship goes back to high school, but after years of working individually and enriching their CVs with numerous projects and awards within the different fields of professional design, their like-minded tastes and design aesthetics led them to founding this fashion label together. With an idea to create simple yet memorable garments, by rejecting complicated forms, layers, patterns and colours, they are creating strong, timeless high fashion pieces whilst employing their minimalistic aesthetics and values as a guideline.


The first collection CUT has a name that suggests calm, practical design that lacks everything superfluous whilst accentuating the refinementand aura of simplicity in each piece.

Clean lines, sharp cuts and the use of only black and white, make both lines: the first a bit unconstrained and playful, perfect for the moments in which you want to radiate style in all your uniqueness; the other one goes for maximum simplicity and thecomfort of everyday wear.

A potentially monotone use of black and white is ably bridged by selection of high quality materials: every piece of leather, silk, cashmere, wool and viscose compensates with its texture for the lack of dynamism in colour and/or cut.

As a result of the devoted approach to every piece, the collection embodies a deep sense of skilled craftsmanship and luxury. Certain small interventions in the very cut of each item play as a truly original digression from the usual suit, dress or pants cut. In this way, corporate clothing becomes chic by moving away from its somewhat boring and uptight character.
The woman that chooses the MATEYANEIRA label epitomizes confidence, personality, elegance and subtle sex appeal. 


MATEYANEIRA is firmly against uniformity and imitation. Considering hyper production irresponsible, tasteless and ecologically harmful, we aim for a conscientious and thorough approach towards fashion. Assigning to the main roles of the creative processthe quality of material and ethical nature of production, together with the originality of design.
Each item is both contemporary in appearance and traditional in production. Our garments come as a result of the skilled hands of several tailors and seamstresses, who hand stitch and tailor everything in a small creative facility. The end results of this process are unique items which will successfully withstand timeand become seemingly irreplaceable to the owner.
Our goal is a long-lasting, personal andproductive relationship with our clientsthrough the personalised designs that we have to offer them. Through an individual approach that specifies making of a particular item, each piece is perfectly adjusted to be suited to the measurements of the buyer/wearer.
Due to our considered approach to production after the placing of an order we only ask that a little extra time be afforded to us in delivery of a piece, so that a truly unique and timeless garment can be created, to be worn and cherished by the owner for years to come.
Our customer service team is always ready to answer your questions concerning the process of, ordering, making, etc. at info@mateyaneira.com